Friday, March 21, 2008

The Virgin Blog

Today's posting is my first. I enjoy writing for a small audience, and I suspect this audience will be mighty small, if it exists. It's time I stopped putting my energy into harassing other bloggers and their posters, and had someone harass me for a change. I love blog surfing all over--library blogs, fat acceptance (even though I am a lifetime Weight Watcher, and am therefore the devil), left-wing blogs, even free, where I amazingly have an account. I am an undercover leftist there, and sometimes post stuff just under the radar of discomfiting the readers and making them chipped off and fighting amongst themselves.

I don't really troll, but sometimes I do act as the skunk at the picnic at other sites and blogs. Sometimes this is unintentional, and sometimes I just feel a particular picnic deserves a skunk (misogyny, anyone?). I don't stir up stuff for no reason at all, and never say things I don't mean just to upset people. I mean pretty much everything I say, unless I am reacting in an angry rant.

What bugs me about the internet and the blogosphere is that, instead of the optimistic world that futurists predicted 15 years or so ago, in which people would be exposed to new ideas by the net, it seems that the world has split off into a million tiny slivers, where you can hole up in cyberspace with the other 15 people in the world who agree with everything you say, and the 16 of you can throw verbal rocks at all the dummies who disagree with your viewpoint. You can choose to read nothing except the other 15 smart people, and their take on everything, and create your own little universe. What especially bugged me was that NONE of these other people were smart enough to think exactly like me. So (eye roll), that leaves me to set things down in virtual print as I see them. Whether anybody else cares is unknown at this point.

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